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Anthology of Images
Jeudi, 06 Novembre 2008 09:57   

Representing the best part of over 30 years of drawing and refining his style we are pleased to finally present Nicholas Birchall's 'Anthology of Images: The Organic Computer'.
The book features Nick's visionary cartoons and comic strips in his trademark melting and distorting style influenced by the psychedelic art of the 1960s that has been refined  over the past 3 decades in a unique line and style of his own.
A large format  black and white A3 book of 24 pages, this book was printed in house with the Press' Risograph machine onto 100 gsm off white paper and then painstakingly handbound by the artist into an edition of 90 copies. The book has a heavy weight 160 gsm card cover and sturdy backboard to make it a lasting edition.

Representing the best part of over 30 years of drawing and refining his style we are pleased to finally present Nicholas Birchall's 'Anthology of Images: The Organic Computer'.

current bargain price of £10.


Tegne 2
Jeudi, 06 Novembre 2008 09:57   

Long awaited second issue of the Press' on going comic/drawn/printed art compilation. The cover of this 40 page comic features a two colour Risograph print  based on an original linocut by Helen Brealey on 160 gsm waterclour paper.
This time featuring great work from across the globe contributors include Laima Jaunzema (Riga) Zeke Clough (Salford) Dr. Nightfield (Berlin) Jethro Brice (?) Crippa Almqvist (Berlin) Tim Gaze (Adelaide)  Dave Birchall (Manchester) Honeypears (Glasgow) Mara Duchomor (Prague) Nick Birchall (Leicester) Roni Fahima (Tel Aviv) Malcy Duff (Edinburgh) Afsoon Hayley (London/Persia)

Comic costs £3.50.


Extricate 9
Jeudi, 06 Novembre 2008 09:56   

This latest issue of Extricate features two true stories: 'Another Good One for an Acid Freak Out' a sprawling tour account of a run in with one of Glasgow's most extraordinary characters and 'The Oracle at Delphi' the tale of minds being blown by Lee Perry's dub while on a scrambled and epic hitchhike to catch a ferry over the Corinthian Gulf.
The 28 pages of comic are printed on the presses in house Risograph stencil machine in green, blue and orange on 100% 100 gsm recycled paper, it looks and smells great!

Only £3.50.


Books and Comics from Black and White Cat Press
Dimanche, 03 Février 2008 13:50   

Now available is:

EXTRICATE 8 David Birchall (64pgs, A4 8 euro)
comics stories of greek gods, drinking and terror with vibrating linocut cover

EXTRICATE 7 David Birchall (32pgs,A4 6 euro)
travel log of sketchbooks and doodles 

KALBAKKEN Kalbakken (9 track cd, 10 euro)
male/female duo playing misery norway folk songs

 MAGNUS BIRKEHALLE North Sea Ice (8 track cd, 10 euro)
 songs and rambles recorded in parks, kitchens and hostel rooms across Europe 



ANTHOLOGY OF IMAGES Nicholas Birchall (26pgs, A3 15 euros)
images and cartoon strips from 1970 to present day printed on extra lovely paper 

 EXHAUST Zeke S. Clough & David M. Birchall (60pgs, A3, 20 euros)
 collected edition of prints, comcis and collaborations to coincide with exhibiton  from these artists 

VOIDA VOIDA various (???)
Published in cooperation with Zeke Clough this will be a world wide exploration of the idea of horror vacuii in coffin shaped book! Promises to be amazing... 

 PENCILLED IN 2 compilation (???)
 compilation book of drawn images and comics from across Europe and the wider   world. Due to be published summer 2008.    


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