Mes riz crient "SMEUSSE"
Samedi, 01 Octobre 2011 12:56   

Mes riz crient "SMEUSSE!" un zine qui aurait pu s appeler
"Santa Klaus Barbie"
"Viens voir Papi"
ou encore "Fuck Copyrights"
32 pages cruelles sérigraphié main a berlin 40 exemplaires 10 euros
feuilleter le livre ici

mes riz crient smeussemerry christmasviens voir papi

Mercredi, 10 Août 2011 07:23   
Darling is a Collective Zine about sex introducing more than 25 artists from all over the world.
40 pages, 2 colors with fade, 50 numbered copies.
Featuring works from Amandine Meyer, Anef, Ardéco, Bénédicte Coudreau, Bill noir, Dieter VDO, Antoine Duthoit, Albert Foolmoon, Giuse, Ki-haï, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, Jon mac Nair, Louloularelou, Ori Toor, Mathien Nocera, Marie Planques, Sapito verde, Sebh, Jean-Marc Scanreigh, Siscalocca, Vaidotas Bulaka, XXXprod Yann Legrand, Zigendemonic, Ian Liddle.

see all the zine here

darling porno zine

100% female, universal pussy magazine
Jeudi, 20 Mai 2010 20:25   


the Zine Female is endly out!!

it's a collective Zine drawn only by girl, about girls, yeah that's why 100% pussy mag...

It will be available in Chaumont, end May 2010, for 12 euros during "le salon de la petite édition".

Cover 2 color silkscreened, inside riso/copymachine. 100% home and hand-made !!! limited numbered copies.

After, it will be 20 euros and only available in berlin bookstores! So hurry up and take your chance in chaumont! ;-)

female cover

female 1rst page

female introduction








female flowers

female, easy





female marie leviel

female bobonne

female, diet and quiet

female tattoos

female aisha ronninger


female, marine saunier

female, lombre des maris


female, old ads


female, annecha Coudreau


female, marilyn in Kaboul

female, planques


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